“My Brother’s Closet”

My Brother’s Closet

Calling all local chapters! Both Alumni and undergraduate Brothers. Everyone in the work world needs work clothing. Going to retail stores can be both pricey and time-consuming. Why not utilize the Brotherhood to alleviate this problem? This is what ABN is trying to provide for you! My Brother’s Closet is an annual program that will encourage brothers to come out and exchange corporate or business clothing. This includes and is not limited button up shirts, polos, slacks, khakis, suits (and suit pieces), and accessories of all kinds. A breakdown with more detail is written below.


Who can Participate

Any College, Recently Graduated, or Alumni Brother(s) can participate if they so choose. Essentially, any Brother(s) in need of or who wants new and/or lightly used professional/executive/corporate clothes is able and encouraged to attend and participate.


Professional/Executive/corporate clothes are expensive and it’s hard for Brothers just starting their career or recently getting back into the workforce to properly stock their wardrobe.  Conversely, many working Brothers often change style and weight so they have professional clothes in their closets not being used. “My Brother’s Closet” gives working Brothers the ability to give Brothers in need a chance to enrich their wardrobes, which in turn should increase their confidence and reduce some of the pressures of corporate America. Additionally, this program will provide undergraduate and alumni brothers with an opportunity to connect and serve as a resource to one another. It will also give business owners the ability to highlight their businesses, by volunteering their establishment(s) to host “My Brother’s Closet” fittings. Most importantly, we are promoting values of brotherhood and fraternal spirit by participating in a program that is designed to provide a platform for brothers to support one another at no additional cost.

What we Need


We need first and foremost, a place to hold the event (Preferably Brother owned).


What are the Benefits?
  • Would provide exposure of their business to community and brotherhood
  • Develop Brand loyalty and recognition
  • Possible sales on the day of the event
  • Good media press/coverage


We are looking for Brothers in either the corporate or Fashion arena or both.
What are the Benefits?


  • Platform to be Brotherly
  • Opportunity to build awareness, trust and a connection within the Brotherhood
  • Creates confidence in the Brother’s skill set
  • Would provide exposure of their business to community and brotherhood
  • Develop Brand loyalty and recognition
  • Possible sales on the day of the event
  • Good media press/coverage


Sponsorship Partner possibilities


We will be seeking sponsorship from local Dry Cleaners, professional clothing shops, or other clothing retail stores.
What are the Benefits?
  • Opportunity for sales
  • Press Coverage
  • Goodwill
  • Possible partnerships

Media Coverage/Pics


We would like to have a good Media presence to bring awareness to the event and to document event before/during/after the event.
What are the Benefits?
  • Expand brand for seasoned media
  • Pictures and business listing posted on ABN site
  • Opportunity for new media to gain exposure
  • Practice
  • Business Listing and Photos on www.alphabusinessnation.com


These items are the Main ingredient of the program and almost the most important reason you are coming, second only to our last need.

Attendance of the Brotherhood

We need you good Brothers to show up! We need you to represent for the fraternity with a strong show of support. Bring as many items of clothing as you can spare to aid your fellow brothers in their professional development and growth. Lastly, more Brothers equals more Brotherhood and at the end of the day, that is what this program is really all about. So again we encourage you to show up, bring clothing, participate, and enjoy the Brotherhood. Onward and Upward! 06!