Check out Roberte Foster building his business in Japan!

100_0146Roberte Foster is an international entrepreneur.  He graduated from Bowie State University and is a Brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. doing business in Japan.    He originally went to Japan to get a new experience, however, after spending some time there, he saw an opportunity.  With intelligence, a friendly disposition, good partner, vision, courage and a keen business eye, he created the Sugar Shack.

He understands the entrepreneurial struggle in a way many of us do not.

Yes, he has:

1.  had the days where he wanted to quit, but “we don’t quit”

2. had his equipment malfunction

3. second guessed if he was doing the right thing or not

4. worried about cash flow

5. stayed up at night thinking about how the business will grow


But starting a business in Japan has presented a host of other issues that most entrepreneurs do not have to face such as:

1. securing permits in a foreign land

2. initially, not speaking the language

3. not understand the monetary exchange rate

4. developing a market penetration plan for an unfamiliar demographic in a foreign country

5. planning what will happen

Rob has proven to be an entrepreneur who can overcome obstacles.  Keep doing your thing Bruh, 06!

Check out his video on


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