The Usual Suspectz

Established in the late 90’s, MBM Entertainment, LLC, popularly referred to as “The Usual Suspectz,” is a marketing and promotional company that’s based in the Washington, DC metro area. As MBM’s creators were planting their feet in the professional soil of life, the understanding that a respectable social balance was key. Thus, MBM became a trendsetter in after-work, late night and travel (ski trips, cruises, etc.) events for the young professional. The Usual Suspectz’ target demography is primarily a young, urban, professional group between the ages of 23 and 35, and secondarily ages 36 and 44.

Many of our clientèle practice law, medicine, or are involved in government or the technology field. Our patrons have discerning tastes and interests as well as significant disposable income; we believe this is an attractive target demographic.




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Chapter Affiliation:
Iota Upsilon Lambda


Point of Contact:
Rob Byrd,



3404 20th Street NE
Washington DC 20018 

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