Laurel Crossfit

Since 2010, CrossFit Laurel has been Maryland’s ultimate fitness experience.  You can count on us to help you drive results in fitness,  encourage living an overall healthy lifestyle, and share a sense of belonging with a tight-knit fitness community.  Our professional fitness coaches use CrossFit principles to design fun, effective, and measurable programs tailored to individuals of all fitness levels.  CFL’s goal is to maximize every client’s fitness and health potential.  And because we know fitness is a lifestyle, we have our very own Pro Shop, located on site, to assist you in nutritional supplementation and healthy living outside of the box.  Now we’re just waiting to add you to the CrossFit Laurel family!


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Chapter Affiliation:
Eta Zeta

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Point of Contact:
Brian Belt,

(301) 938-3660



14206 Cherry Lane Ct
Laurel MD 20707 

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