Clifton Park Baptist Church

Purpose Statement

 “Leading The Way. Teaching The Truth. Experiencing The Life”.

LEADING THE WAY.  Clifton Park Baptist Church exists to impact lives and to bring spiritual transformation to people and places of the world by sharing the love of Christ.  We are a church of action that seeks to illustrate heaven at work by meeting the needs of the community, inspiring Godly leaders and intentionally using our gifts, talents and abilities in the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.

TEACHING THE TRUTH.  The Word of God is truth that transcends culture and transforms lives.  Clifton Park Baptist Church is committed to equipping every member with an understanding of God’s Word that they might become authentic disciples of God, following Him faithfully and leading productive and rewarding lives.

EXPERIENCING THE LIFE.  Clifton Park Baptist Church is a people in relationship with God, but also a people in relationship with one another.  We are living, learning and growing in a safe, multi-cultural community that encourages each member to reach their fullest potential in the Lord.

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8818 Piney Branch Road
MD 20903 

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