Business with Bros


Alpha Business Nation (ABN) is an organization that seeks to bring together brothers from all areas of the business community, to create a dynamic network from which they can benefit.  We are starting small but our goal is to spread throughout the fraternity.  In order to begin our journey, we’re starting a series of open forum discussions focusing on different areas of business. The topics will range from networking, business development, financing and much more. This will provide brothers with an opportunity to bounce ideas off of one another and gain perspective from those outside your field.  We are calling this ABN Original Program “Business with Bros” or (BWB). Brothers are encouraged to bring their ideas, business acumen, and spirit of Brotherhood to engage fully in this opportunity.


Where: Once a date is picked a location will be sent a week or two prior to the event to give brothers ample time to plan out their travel.  When possible we hope to have these discussions occur on a campus’s plot if there is one.

When: Based on the interested brothers we will pick the date that best fits the schedule of all those involved

Who Should Attend: All local brothers who are looking to learn more about entrepreneurship and form deeper bonds with new brothers, while expanding their horizons from a business standpoint

Why Attend: To share your entrepreneur story or to learn more about life as an entrepreneur and to deepen the bonds of brotherhood.  A different perspective is always good. Sharing ideas with brothers of equal or greater experience than your own allows you to learn something new, that could potentially lead to a major shift in your business, new products, and or increased profitability. The chance to collaborate, exchange, and possibly mentor brothers are what our fraternity provided us with an opportunity to do. Servants of all, includes brothers within our fraternity, so Business with Bros is not only a great business opportunity but also fulfilling the aims of our dear fraternity!


Onward and Upward!


– ABN Team