A.B.N. Original Programs


Alpha Business Nation serves not only a conduit and a resource for the growing community, but as its own facilitator of events and programs. Here at ABN we will be producing, coordinating, and executing our own original programs. The purpose being tri-fold:

  1. To Spread the knowledge and existence of our community.
  2. To get the outside community involved and the ability to benefit from the programs we start.
  3. To spread the aims of our dear fraternity.

The programs will cover a range of topics and provide a variety of services and or benefits to to not on the A Phi A community. These programs will also serve the Business ownership community, the entrepreneurial community, and any surrounding community at large.

Our goal here at ABN is to form a community. We want that community to include you and your community, so come and join us. Whether it be just visiting and perusing the site, or showing up at one of our events! We look forward to inviting you in, to Join the Nation!